The GearJammer lineup:



Rick Rogers

George Martin

Bill Crane

Keith Hewitson

GearJammer was formed in 2017, when Steve Knifton placed an advert on the Join My Band website.  George, Bill , Keith, and David Bown all answered the advert, and following discussions  a few numbers were agreed upon to practise prior to a first get together.  The band was originally called Section X and rehearsed in Ashby, Coleorton, and Nuneaton for a couple of months, but never performed together.

Keith, George, David, Bill, and Steve

Keith, George, David, Bill, and Steve

With the departure of David, the band was renamed as GearJammer, and carried out auditions for a new singer.  Mel Reid, an excellent opera singer, was recruited and rehearsals began in earnest.  GearJammer's  first performance was at the White Hart in Ashby and the band performed together on a number of occasions.

During the summer of 2018, Mel and Steve both left the band, and auditions started for a new singer again.  At this point George, Bill, and Keith decide that one guitarist was enough, so only a singer was sought.  Eventually Isobel 'Izzy' Parr joined the band on vocals and occasional guitar.

Again, the band performed a few times with Izzy at the front, but by the end of December 2018 Izzy had also left the band.


At this point, the band were considering going out as a trio, with George and Bill handling vocal duties, but soon realised that this wouldn't work and another round of auditions commenced; this time for a singer/guitarist.  After many auditions, and many great musicians, the band found Rick Rogers, and the current lineup was formed.

George, Keith, Mel, Bill, and Steve







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